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Forest Gate E7
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Cups & Jars is a very exciting new trend in grocery shopping – a zero waste shop, where you can get your staples without adding to the trash-mountains or the plastic-filled seas.  It is, indeed, the first organic bulk store and café in E7, offering quality sourced goods such as lentils, rice, pasta, flour, Monmouth coffee beans, Ecoleaf cleaning refills and fresh food such as homemade salads, antipasti, loose fruit and veg and bread and pastries. People love it’s great coffee, honest prices and friendly service at both the shop and the ‘community focus café’ with a seating area to the rear of the shop and ‘great cake’. If you forget your cups & jars they have free jars and containers so you don’t have to go home empty handed, and a lovely outdoor seating area/garden. The inside tip is that it’s a great place to nip in whilst waiting for the ‘elusive 308 bus’ outside Wanstead Park station!

Cups & Jars

108 Woodgrange Road Forest Gate

E7 0EW

020 8519 9325

Facebook @cups&jars

Instagram @cups&jars

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