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Wanstead E11
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Harveys of Wanstead is a pukka green grocers, old skool but with contemporary levels of choice – rambutans, okra, purple heritage carrots, tiny tomatoes and huge beef tomatoes and everything in between including proper plum tomatoes, fruits and beggies all in wooden boxes – like an illustration from a vintage kid’s book, except it’s real and you can eat it all.  A favourite for it’s friendly service, Harveys also have a wide array of organic sauces, pasta, herbs, spieces, nuts and seeds. Being old skool means you can buy just what you need, and not wrapped in seven miles of pointless plastic either! Less waste in both meanings! Harveys had been in Wanstead for forty years, but was due to close when Sinan Ereur and his family decided to take it over in 2016, with the wish to be ‘part of the community’ and judging from their reviews, they’ve certainly become that!


6 Clock House Parade Wanstead

E11 2AG

020 8989 9428

Facebook @harveys

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