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Forest Gate E7
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‘The Tap’ is a bit like the Tardis: outside it looks small and utilitarian, but inside awaits a vastness. Not of the time-traveling spatial trickerykind, but in the array of beers, books, and cultural events.

Tucked into the arches at Forest Gate, the bar has an improvised quality that belies the expertise in small breweries and excellent beers on offer to the clientele. The books allow you to can read while drinking your pint, and the gourmet Yard Sale Pizza will deliver to your table free of charge.

But ‘The Tap’ isvalso a major cultural hub and was recently voted the best cultural venue in Waltham Forest hosting shows by the likes of Michael Rosen, Alexei Sayle, Mischa Glenny and John Hegley to name a few. Not what you’d expect from the outside and an absolute gem in the neighbourhood.

The Wanstead Tap

Arch 352 Winchelsea Road Forest Gate

E7 0AQ

+44 7976 787419

Facebook @thewansteadtap

Instagram @thewansteadtap

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